Freedom for Turkish Academics is a volunteer initiative to help Turkish academics in danger with finding new positions in Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom and France. If you feel you are in danger in Turkey as an academic, you can send your detailed CV, motivation letter and preferably your portfolio to our contact addresses. Our volunteers will give you advice on your application based on your background and guide you to the right University and department.

Situation in Turkey


Scholars At Risk Network  :

Forced resignations, suspensions, detentions, and travel bans have reportedly affected thousands of individuals, in Turkey and abroad, and threaten the future of higher education in Turkey.

Since the coup attempt, an unprecedented number of Turkey’s scholars are facing threats to their careers, well-being, and constitutional right to academic freedom.


Middle East Studies Association MESA :

We have a profound concern that the apparent moves to dismantle much of the structure of Turkish higher education through purges, restrictions, and assertions of central control, a process begun earlier this year and accelerating now with alarming speed.


Magna Charta Observatory  :

The Magna Charta Observatory views the treatment of Turkish universities and academics by the Higher Education Council in the aftermath of the failed coup of July 15th with increasing concern. The latest reports refer to the forced resignation of 1577 university deans, and to suspensions and travel bans affecting many more academics and students.


Applying a new academic position

Applying for a new academic position might be competitive so that requires well detailed CV and cover letter preparation. However as an academician exposed to unlawful practices or under certain danger in Turkey, you might be eligible for special quotations that some of the Universities may offer. We recommend that you explain your personal situation as well as your academic background. Also do not forget to send a copy of your application to freedomforturkishacademics@gmail.com for Belgium, nederlandacademia@gmail.com for Netherlands, akadyard@gmail.com for United Kingdom, akademikbasvurufransa@gmail.com for France.