Turkey’s Erdogan shuts universities

23 July 2016, 15 universities were shut down (see list below). The closure of universities has left 61,382 students in Turkey in academic limbo. They have difficulties whether they can continue their studies and worried about any kind of stigmatization as these universities Gülen affiliated. 2,759 academics have also been purged from these universities, some of them detained and under custody. Turgut Özal University old rector Prof. Abdulkadir Şengün is among these academics who are jailed after the attempted coup. The concern is not only about the freedom of speech, but some of the academics are afraid to be prisoned.

The list of the closed universities and the number of academics – students:


Canik Başarı University                              61 academics

2220 students


Gediz University                                           240 academics

7965 students


Fatih University                                            514 academics

14,219 students


İpek University                                              119 academics

870 students


Melikşah University                         175 academics

4500 students


Mevlana University                          175 academics

4714 students


Murat Hudavendigar University                17 academics

213 students


Orhangazi University                                  131 academics

2138 students


Selahaddin Eyyubi University                   80 academics

1283 students


Suleyman Şah University                          98 academics

2068 students


Şifa University                                              271 academics

2625 students


Turgut Özal University                               393 academics

7738 students


International Antalya University    128 academics

2130 students


Zirve University                                            327 academics

8699 students


Total:                                                             2,759 academics

61,382 students


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